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Effective Asbestos Containment & Abatement

in Salt Lake, Davis, Summit and Utah counties

Protect your facility with strong asbestos containment and abatement by calling Asbestos Abatement of Utah in South Salt Lake, Utah. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous material, and we take great pains to ensure your space is secure during the removal process and totally safe when we leave.


Our containment services fully seal all entry areas contaminated with asbestos. We use an extremely secure, three-stage process that includes:

• Bagging up the Materials Using the Best Practices as Established by Utah Division of Air Quaility and EPA.

• Bringing the Bags to a “Dirty Room” & Passing the Bags through a Decontamination Shower

• Putting the Bags of Material into a Clean Room for Disposal

We work hard to maintain safety and to ensure there is no cross contamination of your site, and implement a HEPA Air Scrubber that does 4-6 air exchanges per hour to clean the air while we work. Thre Air Scrubber also acts like a huge vacuum clean that creates a negitive air pressure inside the containment so, air is rushing into the contaiment and exits through the HEPA filter (99.97% efficent down to .3 microns for particules).


Asbestos removal is an extremely intricate, but necessary, process. We offer outstanding removal services that take all materials to a special dump site for proper disposal. Asbestos needs to be removed because it causes Mesothelioma and Asbestosis, which is when asbestos gets into the lung and causes cancer, tumors and scarring of the lungs.